Dog Training  in Central Arkansas
Training Pets
   Their People
                                 A good man
            is concerned
        for the life of his animal. 
Proverbs 12:10
Carol Lyn Culpepper 

Carol Lyn Hasenjager

Training Pets

As a team, we will discover a successful means of incorporating your personality, lifestyle and circumstances with your dog'(s) inherent breed characteristics and personality.  We will clearly establish your desired behavior goals and clarify reasonable expectations as we design a plan for remarkable accomplishments.

You'll be surprised at what you and/or your family can do!  

     Carol is;

Focused and determined to provide dog training guidance and coaching, with 100% satisfaction and enjoyment. 

Devoted  support and  commitment, for as long as you choose, for the life of your pet.

A mission  to guide and encourage you and your family in bringing out the absolute best in your pet.  

 Successful Training includes;

 Teaching your dog(s) the behaviors you want and eliminating the ones you do not want is  important, but only a part of success. 

Gaining the knowledge and understanding necessary to maintain and further your own pet's training is a key to your being satisfied and victorious.