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                                 A good man
            is concerned
        for the life of his animal. 
Proverbs 12:10
Carol Lyn Culpepper 

Carol Lyn Hasenjager

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Customer Testimonials

Carol has been EXCELLENT!! She is definitely the BEST around. Any time I have a question or need help she is Always there ready and willing to help in any way she possibly can. You can definitely see the love she has for animals and as far as training she is the best around. My family and I love her and our Golden loves her as well. So I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good trainer that takes pride in what they do.

- April, Homeshooling Mother, The Hendrix Family


Carol was amazing with my great dane Brutus! He has been much better with jumping, biting, and listening since he's been home. She communicated with me throughout the two week training, which was great because I missed him! Brutus really took to Carol and was sad to see her leave after the training. We will keep in touch with her and she is keeping an opening for any future questions our concerns with him. What a great experience!

- Terrianne, Beauty Leader, Sephora


Great trainer. Honest and trustworthy. I love that my husky loves her as well, which means he's comfortable with her! Carol is very patient and helped Loki to walk better on the leash, not jump, and bite less. I would definitely recommend using Carol. She is also very thoughtful, checking in to make sure everything is going well!

- Krystal, Nursing student, Jacksonville, FL

Carol has been helping me with my Neopolitan Mastiff's leash reactivity. She is helping me to be more confident and able to handle my dog in all situations. With her help I am now able to walk him past a crowd of people in downtown Amelia Island. I would definitly recommend Her to anyone.

                                  Kerrie, Fernandina Beach, FL
Our 1 year 7 month old german shepherd went with carol for a week to help get off bad habits like leash pulling and barking at people /dogs. To learn manners. Carol kept is up to date with pictures and videos, keeping us informed on her training and progress . A week later Lexi returned, we all took a walk with Lexi, the leash pulling has stopped, we approached strangers and Lexi didn't acknowledge them. First time ever she's not barked and looked aggressive towards a stranger. Even my wife who was doubtful of Lexi was surprised of her actions. Carol also showed us how to be pack leaders. She gave us vital information that will help us in the long run, I would recommend carol to anyone. Thank you Carol!!!!!!  
                                      - Kent U.S. Airforce, Jacksonville, FL
I would recommend Carol Hasenjager to any dog owner. She is kind and gentle with pets, and as a behaviorist, is also able to correct bad behavior. I have worked with Carol extensively and can testify to her patience and compassion when working with all types of dogs. Anyone looking for personalized attention for their pet will be completely satisfied entrusting their loved family member to Carol.
                                                     -Dr. Erin A. , Veterinarian, Kings Bay, Georgia

Carole did a wonderful job with our pup! She trained our Lola with the problems we were having and helped us to know what to do to change her habits. Anytime we have had questions she has been there to save us, I never felt like we were a bother. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with their puppy problem. Our house is completely different with a puppy that is trained. :)

                                                                                                                                                                                    Amanda W.  Jacksonville, FL